As much as we love pets (both ours and yours!), we also love the wonderful, caring people we get to encounter in our business! The pet industry is filled with many amazing people and businesses.

Below is a partial list of companies, shelters, and foster organizations that All About the Dogs supports with our time, expertise, and money. Please take a few minutes to visit these organizations' websites, and consider them for your next pet purchase, adoption, or charitable donation!

  The DogWorks/Cats 2 is a German Village-based store, specializing in all-natural treats and toys for pets. They're just down the street from us...treat them to something special after their grooming session!
  The Franklin County Dog Shelter adopts out thousands of dogs to new homes annually. They also offer dog licensing, and host their semimonthly "Mingle With The Mutts" adoption events.
  Golden Endings is a Golden Retriever rescue organization in central Ohio. They have rescued homeless, purebred Golden Retrievers from shelters, vets, animal control, and the streets since 1995.
  Hand Me Down Dobes has placed over 1,000 Dobermans into new homes since 1994. They also provide medical care and rehabilitation service for abandoned and surrendered Dobermans.
  Lance's Hidden Fencing offers electronic pet containment systems, transmitters, and training to allow your pet freedom within your property!